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Iddc36 by Erismanor Iddc36 :iconerismanor:Erismanor 57 3 TG Girl Friend in a Box. Self. by MTBProductions
Mature content
TG Girl Friend in a Box. Self. :iconmtbproductions:MTBProductions 240 22
A New NPC in the LARP - TG
Lee had never been to a LARP, and he was pretty nervous when Kevin, one of the guys at his weekly D&D game, suggested he join a local group. There seemed to be a lot to learn and despite his fondness for tabletop games and roleplaying a character, he wasn't sure he could act out live combat. Besides, his costuming skills were terrible.
Kevin didn't let up though, and so, after a few weeks of cajoling, Lee reluctantly agreed to attend the next major session as an NPC with Kevin's assurance that he'd sort everything out. There was always a shortage of background characters - shopkeepers, city guards, sidequest giving bar patrons - costumes were provided, registration was discounted, and if you weren't particularly suited to combat you wouldn't be expected to take part... or to survive more than a few minutes before being cut down by one of the heroes.
Soon it was time for one of the big meets that happened every few months. The two guys packed a tent, camping supplies for three night
:iconultgran:UlTGRan 120 9
The Dead Wood TG
The Dead Wood
"Hey, have you seen Doug or Cecil?" James asked as he sat down for breakfast.  "I haven't seen them at all since last night.  Their car is gone too."  He was back in the bar, where the cooks were preparing breakfast for the whole crew on Julian's dime.  It mostly was watery eggs and hash browns, but free food was free food.  And with enough ketchup and salt and pepper, anything went down okay.  If only the place still didn't reek of booze from last night.
"I guess they really only had time to come up here for those few hours.  Maybe they had somewhere else to go further up the mountain?" Julian said, nibbling on some toast.  He still looked a bit hung over from the night before.  "No idea.  Anyway..."
"Anyway?" James asked.
"Anyway," Julian said, sipping some coffee, "You seem to really be getting the hang of that camera."
"Yeah," James said.  He'd br
:iconfakenameyfakenamey:fakenameyfakenamey 40 2
Mature content
Karma Witch - Episode 2 - Sister Meanest :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 35 8
A Vengeance So Sweet
A Vengeance So Sweet
"Give it back!" Billy hopped up and down trying to reach his backpack which was currently in the beefy hands of Joshua Taylor. A gorilla of a punk who happens to be the star quarterback in the school football team. His friends in the back guffawing like donkeys like all lackeys are supposed to. "Leave him alone Josh." Said a soft coo that could only come from Vanessa, Josh's girlfriend. She seemed to be the only one that could stop Josh from tormenting kids like Billy, or Kevin, or Todd, or...the list goes on. You're either with Josh or you're not. Vanessa wasn't like him, which was why it was beyond Billy why she would even hang around that dumb ape. "Josh leave him alone!" She demanded. Josh rolled his eyes and finally threw Billy's backpack in the nearby trashcan. "Come on guys lets get a burger or somethin..." His grammar wasn't all too great either. Vanessa ran over to get Billy his backpack back. "Thanks." Billy blushed. "He can be a real jerk somet
:icondemonlad:demonlad 10 3
TG Anime of You - Part 3
Anime of You – Part 3
All the words I could say left my mouth. Mayu put her hands on her hips and glared back.
I had no idea what to say but, “I’m sorry…”
She sighed at me with a frown on her face. Slowly, she picked up the plushie.
She shook her head. “If you were trying to be funny, it wasn’t funny.” She shook the plushie at me.
I swallowed and lied a little. “I’m sorry…I kinda felt woozy for a second there and my head got all…messed up.”
Mayu put a hand to my forehead and touched my side. “You did look woozy…do you need to sit?”
I needed more than that but I nodded and she walked with me over to her bed.
I tried, “It could be low blood-sugar.”
Mayu’s eyes widened. “I have a candy bar in my purse.” She had it out before I could say if I even wanted it.
I split it with her. And it did help. A little.
I looked over and Mayu smiled at me and asked, “Feel better?”
I n
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 51 93
The Legacy TF TG Witchcraft 3
The Legacy
Part 3
By The Professor
In spite of Andrea's threats, I vowed to go over to the Opie house and beg, plead, debase myself, or do whatever it took to get them to turn me back into Ryan. I couldn't live like this, I thought to myself as I got ready for bed, fighting off the fog and depression the beer had thrust upon me. Maybe Andrea would make good her threats; maybe she'd even kill me. Even that would be better than being stuck in this weak female body.
I felt a little better in the morning, with a emphasis on "little." Cindy hadn't come home before I went to sleep, and by the time I woke up, she was already gone. Or maybe she had stayed with the boys we met playing pool, I thought to myself. I glanced at her bed; it appeared to be undisturbed, so I guessed she had scored with one of them – or maybe both of them.
I got up and felt a slight twinge in my head, the remains of a mild headache that had troubled me throughout the night. No more beer for me for a while – a
:iconcapricornamy:capricornamy 12 0
Key tg Part 2
Chapter 6
The next few hours passed by like a blur for Ryan.  She collapsed in the car as Lynn drove her family to the police station.  The police searched the house, but they couldn't find anything out of place besides a scratched up softball at the bottom of the stairs and some egg shells out by where Lynn's car used to be.  The phone lines were down because of the snow storm during the night and it also covered up all of the foot prints.  The police concluded it was a prank devised by a bunch of kids and their dogs to egg houses, but the kids got scared and ran off when the house started to light up, leaving the egg shells behind.  The Sword family was satisfied.
But Ryan and Lynn knew otherwise.  They figured that one of the Ing laid eggs on Lynn's car and they began to emerge as the girls were practicing with their powers.  They remained beneath the car until that night, where they sneaked into the house, removi
:iconthextra89:TheXtra89 9 10


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